It’s been a time of change and fluctuation for business everywhere, including the industries served by influence group, the leading producer of B2B events for executives in the buildings and real estate sector. Known for their intimate, highly experiential retreats, influence group is adding two dates to their lineup in 2022 to make more room for leaders to meet, solve business challenges, and build lasting relationships. 

In addition to their mainstay annual offerings serving hospitality, education, retail, corporate offices, and healthcare, they’re adding spring and fall editions of their most in-demand events: RestaurantSpaces and the Senior Living Innovation Forum (SLIF). 

Expanding from eight to 10 retreats will benefit the executives who attend by adding more space to meet the growth in demand as well as more flexibility for those who want to attend the events but can’t make a certain date or location work.

“These added dates will also enable us to deliver more timely opportunities,” says Michael Owens, influence group co-founder. “We learned a lot of things during the pandemic, and one of those things is that change happens a lot faster than once a year.”

influence group’s retreats carefully balance high-quality content, business matchmaking, and memorable networking at resort destinations. Although the experiences rise above other B2B offerings—like spending a night rocking out with Run-DMC or wine-blending in Napa Valley—it’s all part of the ultimate goal to move business forward by getting the right people together in an unforgettable environment.  

The end result is meaningful engagement and connections that last long after the retreats conclude.

To view the updated 2022 calendar, head here

About influence group

influence group creates unique experiences designed to ease people out of their comfort zones and encourage meaningful dialogues around business-critical topics. Headquartered in NYC, influence group is rooted in a passion to bring people together to explore innovation and move key industries to new heights. 

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