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    Restaurant Industry Admits Need to Reinvent Itself at RestaurantSpaces

    How different could the restaurant scene look in just the next handful of years?

    What Can Business Leaders Learn From Tony Hawk?

    Tony Hawk's rise to fame and fortune might sound like fate just happened to smile upon him, coupled with the good...

    How Vans Creates Loyalty and Emotional Connection

    Vans has existed since 1966, which means that for over 50 years, people have "grown up" with Vans as one of the...

    Inaugural WorkSpaces Event Brings Top Companies Together to Explore the Future of Work

    In the very near future, video conferencing will be so good that people will no longer have to commute to work. 

    RetailSpaces Helps Store Development Leaders Navigate Industry Transformation

    To anyone outside of retail hooked on the daily news cycle, the idea that physical stores are on the cusp of an...

    SLIF Inspires Real Progress in Biggest Gathering to Date

    Now in its fifth year, attracting close to 300 of the biggest players in senior housing alongside the nation’s top...

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